Aussie pie makers have found the perfect bread recipe for a booming global pizza industry.

Photo: Jessica Shapiro The dough is made of flour and sugar, and is cooked and rolled in a mixture of flour, butter and cheese.

The result is a dense, soft and rich loaf of pizza crust.

But while the pizza crust is a perfect representation of Australia’s bread culture, Australia’s pizza industry has become the biggest in the world, overtaking France’s to become the world’s biggest food industry.

“The pizza industry is a global industry and so it’s very important to understand that it’s global, not just Australian,” Mr Aarons said.

“That’s why we are working with our industry partners to develop the perfect pizza dough recipe that is unique to Australia.”

Mr Aarns said the pizza dough would be sold in the US and other countries, and also in Australia.

“It is going to be sold and used across the world.

The pizza industry in Australia is really booming, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve got this recipe for pizza,” he said.

He said Australia’s pie makers were in the best position to help the pizza industry thrive.

Mr Aarnses said the dough was a product of the global food industry, which he described as “the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy”.

“The fact that we’re producing this dough at home, and the fact that it is gluten free, that’s really a bonus, it’s just really a fantastic product,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

For the pie dough to be truly successful, he said the pie makers would need to find a way to be able to sell the pizza directly to customers.

However, Mr Aarts said Australia would be able reach an important milestone with the pizza.

When he and his colleagues from the Pie and Pies Pizza Co were in Paris, they were given the opportunity to meet with French officials about how they could expand their pie business to other parts of the world and beyond.

In France, Mr Anksen said the Pizza Company was working with French and Italian companies to explore the possibility of expanding the pie business.

Pizza Dough Recipe, by Peter Aaronson, published by John Wiley and Sons.

The Pie and the Pies also published a book called Pizza Dough, a guide to the best pizza doughs around the world that Mr Aartons said would help Australian pizza makers succeed.

As part of the Pizza Dough book, Mr Arons and his team developed a recipe for the perfect pie dough, which they were able to put into the bread they would use to make their pies.

“We knew that we wanted to find something that would make our bread and pizza dough taste better, but we also knew that it would also be a recipe that people would be interested in using and would make a better pie than what we were producing,” he explained.

It was the combination of the two, and a few simple ingredients, that got the Australian pizza dough going.

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