A new artisanal bread company, Artesado Bread, plans to open in Kansas City, Texas, and in Kansas, a city that has long struggled with food deserts.

The company, which has already opened a bakery in Texas, announced Monday that it will open a second bakery in Austin, Texas.

Artesato Bread CEO Daniel Ziemba said the new locations will be located on the southwest border of the state, just north of Dallas.

The new locations are slated to open by late 2019.

Artésato Bread is not a bread-maker, Ziembana said, but a bakeries and bakery service company that specializes in artisan breads made from whole-wheat flour.

The breads will be sold in grocery stores, but Ziembacha said he’s also looking to expand to other markets.

The two new bakeries will be the first new bakerios in the U.S. since 2010, when a new bakery in Houston opened.

Ziembo said Artesos breads would be the most popular bread in the region and will attract local business.

The Bread for Humanity program, which provides low-income individuals and families with fresh breads, was created in partnership with Arteso Bread, and the company is donating $250,000 to the organization.

Zimba said he wants to see Artesanos breads as a bridge between the community and the bakery, as well as to local businesses.

“We want to open these bakeries so people can walk into the bakery and get bread, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar shop,” Ziembaras said.

He said Artésos bread would have “a higher quality and quality that would be appealing to a large number of customers.”

He said the company will also offer a variety of flavors, including sourdoug and almond.

The bakery is expected to be open by mid-2019.

Zielbba said Artasos bread will be offered at all local grocery stores and other retailers, including those in the area where Artesao Bread is opening.

Artaso Bread is also partnering with Whole Foods Market, which will distribute its artisan bread to its customers.

The Kansas City location will be in a former factory that once made industrial equipment, according to Zielba.

Artios Bread is one of several artisan bread makers currently opening in the country, according the American Association of Breadmakers.

In June, the group announced plans to expand the number of bakeries it offers.