BOSTON — The NFL has continued to negotiate with two of its most popular bread makers after it came to light that they had failed to keep up with a new product.

The NFL said on Monday that the loafs and doughnuts, which are popular with the New England Patriots and New York Giants, would remain on its menu as long as the league and its players remain under contract.

The NFL said it was aware of the report, but it has yet to comment.

The league is also continuing to negotiate for the rights to the popular soft-serve pizza and pizza with toppings, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

The pizza and soft-sauce pizza are both owned by Domino’s.

The New York Times reported that a Kraft spokesman said the company was in talks with the NFL, which declined to comment on the matter.

Kraft’s chairman and CEO, Charlie Ergen, has previously said that Kraft is willing to help the league with its contract issues.

The Krafts have not responded to a request for comment.