A leading American dog breeder says it is “not the best breed” to be considered for the next generation of dogs, as it is considered a “burden” for parents.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has launched a campaign on Facebook to encourage the public to nominate their favourite dogs for inclusion in a new breed guide published by the association.

The dog, which the AKC calls the Doberman Pinscher, is the first breed to be included in the guide and it comes as it comes to light that many dogs are suffering from a lack of health and welfare.

“It is a difficult breed for many reasons,” said Dr Andrew Peltz, AKC vice president for research and education.

“We are talking about health issues, social isolation, poor temperament, and other problems.”

Dr Pelts said the Dachshund was the most recent example of a dog that had been overlooked.

“The Dachs and Dobermans are a difficult mix of traits and temperament,” he said.

“Dachshounds are not the easiest of dogs to breed.”

I don’t think it’s the best dog breed to breed, but it does have the potential to do so.

“There are some good dogs out there, but I think the breed needs to be evaluated in the context of its traits.”‘

It’s not a good breed’Dr Powel said that some breeds were better suited for specific environments.

“They are very easy to train and to have a great relationship with the owner.”

You can’t have a dog in a bad home environment.

“If you’re trying to breed for a dog with a long, complex life history, you need a lot of temperament and health issues to work with.”

The Dobermann Pinsker is also known as the German Shepherd, but Dr Pelt said the breed is “more suitable” for urban areas and people who need more physical activity.

He said he would like to see the breed included in future breed guides.

“This is a dog breed that has a lot to offer,” he added.

“Its a little more rugged, its a little bit more athletic.”

But it’s not going to be the next best thing, so that’s why I think this is the time for us to get this breed in the book.