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How to make a bread bowl without a knife

This bread bowl can be made in a snap with just a few ingredients.You can use your own bread and the ingredients you need.You could even use the leftover bread you make from scratch to make your own variation.I used a simple recipe for a bread loaf.You’ll need a bowl with a flat bottom and […]

What you need to know about bread proofing

In the bread baking arena, there’s a common misconception that you need a bread proofer to make breads bread-proof.Unfortunately, the truth is that you don’t.If you are using a commercial baking machine, there is usually a way to achieve bread proof on your own.This post is about a special machine that allows you to use […]

A bakery’s bread recipe for a day of happiness

Author: Michelle Dolan | Topics: food-and-beverage,food-and_beverages,food,depot,foodservice,recipes,foodsource Time title An artisan bread recipe in french article Author and cookbook author Michelle Dohan tells the story of her life as a baker in France.This is the story that inspired her to create a bread recipe that could bring a smile to someone’s face, while also offering them […]

How to build a better game: The best practices

Brittany Brees and her team at Fox Sports know how to do a good job, and they’ve created a program called The Best Practices Game, a tool designed to help teams better prepare for games.The program allows teams to track and record the things they’re doing during each game, then create a video that goes […]

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