Frying up a sandwich, or “bread” as some people call it, is one of the oldest and most popular foods in the US.

But what if you could make your own bread from scratch?

That’s the idea behind the recipe of “fry” by the New York-based restaurant and restaurant design company Flick, which combines a classic bread roll with a number of other popular items from around the world, including french fries and cheeseburgers.

Here’s how it works:First, you start with a bowl of bread, which you can find at many traditional bakeries.

Then you roll up a slice of bread into an 11-inch wide rectangle.

(I like to roll mine in a little bit of cheese, too, which adds texture and helps it hold its shape.)

Then you put the roll on a flat plate, like a round of bread or a round pie plate.

Finally, you place the sliced slice of the bread over the edge of the plate and fry it.

That fry, as you can see from the picture, looks pretty delicious.

And it’s not just the fried bread that you’re frying.

In fact, the fried slice of sandwich is cooked in a microwave oven for just 15 seconds at 350°F (190°C), making it taste just like real bread.

In order to cook the bread correctly, you need to make sure the roll doesn’t get too browned, or get too greasy.

If you don’t, it’ll break.

You also need to keep the dough from sticking to the side of the dish.

To cook the rolled bread, you can put it in a shallow bowl of boiling water or on a plate.

Then, after 20 seconds, remove it from the water and place it on the heat.

If the roll is too hot to handle, you might need to add more water, or a teaspoon of butter to melt the butter, which will cook the dough more slowly.

If you don, the bread will turn brown, which means it’s ready to be fried.

If it’s too soft, you’ll fry it in oil instead of water.

After frying the roll, you want to carefully flip the bread side down and use a spatula to fry it on all sides.

After the fried roll is fried, you’re left with a loaf of crispy bread that’s just as tasty as it was when you first picked it up.

To make this recipe, you don in fact need to fry the bread in a skillet, because the crust will be crispy when it’s cool.

In order to make the bread crispy enough, you also need the right kind of butter.

You can buy butter that’s naturally buttery and non-dairy.

But I’ve found that the brand that comes in the most flavor is Natural Butter, which I find more versatile and more flavorful than most other brands.

For the fried loaf, you simply add the butter to the bowl of water and let it melt, then pour the melted butter into a deep pan.

Once the pan is heated, you add a little more water if necessary.

The water should make a bubbling sound when you add the water.

The bread will start to turn golden and golden brown.

This is because the butter melted over the pan will keep it from browning as it cooks.

The golden browned crust will then cook through and brown the top of the loaf.

You can use the leftover butter to finish the loaf, but you’ll want to avoid using it on top of a piece of crusty bread that has browned.

After the bread has cooled and you’ve done your part, you should be left with the perfect crust of crispy, golden-brown bread.

It’s one of my favorite recipes to serve on the weekend because it pairs perfectly with grilled or fried chicken, chicken nuggets, or other hearty sandwiches.

Here are the ingredients for the recipe:For the butter: 2 tablespoons of natural butter, like the butter you buy at the supermarket.

For the buttercream: 1/2 cup of butter, melted and cooled.

For a little extra fat, you could use 1 tablespoon of butter in place of the natural butter.

For a little crispy crust, you may want to add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

For that extra crunch, you’d also like to add a bit of powdered sugar.

For frying the bread: 1 tablespoon butter, softened to room temperature.

You could also add 1 tablespoon olive oil or a pinch of salt.

You could also make a sandwich out of the leftover bread, but that would be messy and could be too hard to eat.

If there are leftover slices of bread that are already fried, then they can be sliced, but not cooked.

If there are slices of grilled bread that haven’t been fried, they should still be good to go, but they can still be eaten.

You want to keep them fresh for as long as possible.Here