A crazy bread maker that lets you make crazy bread with a bread slicers blade.

A crazy slicer that lets me slice bread into bread.

A bread slicerk.

You name it, this thing is crazy.

Brea has been the bread slicing hub of Sask.

since 2015, when the chain launched its first bread sliceria in the downtown Saskatoon area.

It’s been a big success and the city’s new mayor, Peter Fassbender, has taken note of it.

This weekend, the city unveiled a new $4 million food service hub on the south side of Saskatchew, with Breas main focus on making breads.

The $3 million Hub is part of a $5 million redevelopment plan that will see the expansion of the Saskatoon International Airport, a new metro station and a new grocery store, along with a new city hall.

That includes the opening of Brea’s new location in the mall.

The new hub will be home to two machines that will slice bread.

They’ll be two slicers.

One slicer will use a bread-spitting device and the other will use an electric knife.

It will use the same blade that Brea used for its first slicer.

“It’s an innovative and beautiful thing,” said Brea spokesperson Katie Dickson.

“We’re proud to have the capability to be part of this redevelopment and we look forward to building this community.”

The city of Saskatchitlan wants the hub to attract a range of businesses.

There’s a bakery, an ice cream parlor, a sandwich shop, a cafe and a barber shop, all within walking distance of each other.

“They have great access to a huge range of customers,” said Dickson of the business owners.

“If we can have a few people from other communities come and visit and we can open the hub and we’ll make them feel comfortable in our community.”

And, there’s the possibility of a new generation of bread lovers coming from the west, too.

“I think this hub is really important to the city and to the surrounding area,” said local farmer and Bread King Andrew McLean.

“When we’re not busy doing our business or if we’re away from the hub, we’ll just have to have our bread in the local grocery store.”

For McLean, the hub will help him make breads in his own backyard.

“The whole goal of the city is to make the city better,” he said.

“And this hub gives us a place to grow our breads and sell our products and we’re happy to have it.”

And the future of the hub?

“Hopefully, this is just the beginning,” said McLean of the future for the bread business in Saskatchews backyard.