The best lavash and bread recipe is to use whole grain bread and not bread that has been soaked in milk or butter.

You can also make lavash by using a whole grain flour instead of all-purpose flour and to make sure it’s whole grain it should have no more than two parts wheat to one part rye.

You also can use a whole wheat loaf instead of a wheat loaves.

The best way to make lavashes is to cook the bread, which is the best way.

You don’t want to use a microwave or to cook a loaf in a microwave.

The only way to cook lavash is to place it in the oven and cook on a very high heat.

If the bread is too hot, it will break apart and the bread will not be tender.

In that case, use a pan with a very low heat and bring it to a gentle boil.

It should take less than a minute.

The bread should be a light yellow color and the crust should be soft.

Do not overcook the lavash.

The crust will turn to brown and will fall apart.

Do the same with the bread.

If it turns brown and you do not want to do this, just place the bread in the refrigerator for an hour.

Then place the loaf back in the fridge and wait another hour.

The next day, you can prepare the lavashes by taking it out of the fridge, mixing the flour, baking it and preparing it.

Do this as often as possible.

Then take out the loaf, place it on a baking sheet and brush the loaf with melted butter.

Then add the bread to the loaf and press down on the loaf.

Continue pressing down.

If you want to make the lavish loaf even thinner, use more butter or a different baking pan.

You may have to add some more butter to make it soft and fluffy.

The lavash should not be overly dry.

After cooking for a few minutes, remove the bread from the heat and allow it to cool completely.

Then, pour the lavasher over the bread and spread it on the bread as shown in the following recipe.

The final step is to cover the loaf in butter or other nonstick spray and leave to rest for several hours.

The last step is for the lavishes to set up.

They will not look too fresh, but you can easily eat them if you enjoy the aroma.