Pumpkin bread is a favourite in winter, when the weather is perfect and the leaves are falling in.

In the spring, it can be made even easier with some pumpkin puree.

But there’s something you should be aware of: it’s not a good recipe for young children.

Here are some tips to get the recipe out of the oven: 1.

The recipe calls for a little bit of milk, not too much.

If you have to make it for a large group, use less.


It should be served with a simple syrup, such as maple syrup or apple cider vinegar.


You can leave out the cinnamon if you like.


If using canned pumpkin purees, add a splash of vanilla extract.

The result is a sweet, nutty flavour.


If the recipe calls a few spices, add them to the recipe as well.


You might want to add a bit of pumpkin pie spice, if you prefer.


It’s best to make the mixture ahead of time and store it in the fridge, as the mixture will last longer if it’s stored in the refrigerator.


You could also make the recipe ahead of the holidays and refrigerate it for the following week.


You may need to use more water, as this recipe contains some sugar.


If it’s a cold winter day, do not refrigerate the mixture overnight.

It will not thicken and it will be hard to serve.