Dog owners are in for a treat this weekend when Artesanos bread is officially back on the menu at PetSmart.

Artesano is a small loaf bread made from the dough of a traditional artichoke, then baked and fried until golden brown.

It’s a traditional Italian bread that’s enjoyed by both the Italian and American cultures.

The dish is usually made with a simple dough with the dough kneaded with flour and yeast to create a crust.

Artesian bread, on the other hand, is a bread made by mixing up a mixture of wheat flour and water to create something thicker and softer.

“It’s just the same as bread with milk in the middle, it’s like a thick and soft, soft bread,” said Andrea Pappalardo, a PetSmart employee who specializes in breads.

“So I think it’s really important that we’re not going to confuse it with bread with flour or anything,” Pappacos mother said.

“That would be a bad mistake.”

A few pet owners have already tried the new bread and are impressed.

“I mean, it looks great,” said Linda DeCesare.

“It’s definitely different than bread that is a little thick.

It has a nice crust and I think that’s what you’re looking for in a traditional bread.”

Pappacoms mother, on her own, is not so sure about the new recipe.

“We’ll just have to see what the store is doing.

I guess it will be good for us.”