Three months ago, when we wrote about how to share a bread with someone you don’t know, we mentioned the fact that you might have to use the same bread for two different people.

We thought the same applies to bread with friends. 

Bread lovers are not limited to the bread aisle. 

You might have bread that you love and don’t want to share with your best friend.

Or, maybe you love to bake bread for yourself and don,t want to use someone else’s recipe. 

Here are some tips for sharing bread with people you don, t know.


Keep in mind that breads are a social activity. 

A friend might make a new recipe, and you might want to try it.

Or you might like to try another recipe.


Be flexible. 

If your friend makes a great loaf, you might be tempted to try a different one.

You might not like the flavor of that one.

Or maybe you want to stick with the one you have.


Make sure that the bread is a different color than the one your friend used. 

“I don’t think the same color is appropriate for two people,” says Laura R. Deutsch, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I think people are more likely to find different colors attractive, but I don’t believe that color is what is actually good for bread.”


Be prepared. 

Don’t be tempted by the same thing. 

In the past, people might have been tempted to share their bread with the person who made it.

“The best way to do that is to go into a dark room and make a sandwich,” says Deutsch.

“You have a choice: You can put your bread on a tablecloth and share it, or you can keep the bread on the tablecloth.”

You can always go back to your bread recipe and use a different loaf.

But, she adds, it’s better to go with a new loaf.


If you are trying to keep the same recipe, be mindful of the fact the other person may not like your new recipe.

“In that situation, the bread you are sharing is not really going to be that exciting to your friend, so you may want to make it more appealing,” Deutsch says.


Don’t get into the habit of sharing your favorite recipes with people. 

Sometimes it can feel like a chore to share new recipes with a person. 

But, “If you share your favorite recipe with a close friend, you are going to have more fun,” Deitsch says. 

She advises avoiding sharing recipes that have already been made.

If your friend doesn’t like the way your bread looks, he or she may not appreciate that you are also using the same one, Deitsch notes. 

And, “Make sure you do not use the recipe in any way that you would use for your own family or friend.”


You can use the loaf to decorate the bread basket or table. 

When making a loaf, it helps to use it as a decoration.

But it can also be used for a bread table or a place to put your favorite breads. 

Laura Deutsch recommends keeping the loaf at least two inches from the countertop. 


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