The world’s favorite meat dog is the bread slicter.

The bread slicher, invented by German scientist Erwin Müller, can be used to slice meat or fish, cut meat up, or to make a bread pudding sauce.

But for the rest of us, there are plenty of other options, including breads made from a variety of different meats, including lamb, beef, pork, and chicken.

Here are five common breads you might want to consider.


Lamb Stew Bread This traditional Lamb Stew recipe is the standard for many German lamb restaurants.

For many people, this recipe is their go-to for lamb and lamb stew.

It’s a quick and easy meal, especially if you don’t have time to cook the lamb yourself.

The meat can be chopped into bite-size pieces, or sautéed, and then the bread is served as a side dish.

You can serve this bread on its own or add a scoop of sauce or gravy.2.

Pork Stew This traditional pork stew recipe is also made for many Germans.

It uses a lot of pork, which makes it easy to prepare and easy to cook.

It can also be served with sautés of chopped onions, a dollop of the sauce, or some other meat or vegetables.3.

Beef Stew This classic beef stew recipe comes from the U.S.A., where it’s often used as a dish to complement beef dishes like a roast beef stew or beef chuck stew.

If you prefer, you can add some fresh herbs and seasonings to the stew.

You might even substitute a few strips of bacon for the beef fat.4.

Chicken Stew This recipe comes straight from the Chinese and Japanese.

It has a similar recipe to the American version, except it’s made with chicken instead of beef.

It is traditionally served with a side of noodles or rice, but you can also serve this with rice.5.

Chicken Pot Pie This classic chicken pot pie recipe comes right from the UK.

It contains the classic ingredients, such as bacon, mushrooms, and vegetables, but is usually served with meat or poultry.

It comes with a scoop or two of sauce, and it’s usually served on its side.6.

Beef Cordon Bleu This classic American beef cordon bleu recipe comes directly from the US.

The recipe calls for sausage and chicken, but it is usually just the stew meat, onions, and a doll of the gravy.7.

Chicken Curry This recipe is from Japan, but has an English counterpart.

This recipe calls, in part, for beef, chicken, onions and curry.8.

Chicken Fajitas This classic Mexican beef fajita recipe comes with an onion-and-curry sauce and is often served alongside beef and chicken dishes.9.

Sausage, Pork, and Lamb Stew This is one of the most common bread recipes for American cooks.

The sausage, pork and lamb can be cut up and served as an accompaniment to a dish.

It might also be substituted with other meats or vegetables, like beef, ham, or pork sausage.10.

Pork Cordon bleus This recipe makes a great accompaniment for lamb dishes like lamb stew, roast beef, or roast beef chuck.

You could also use the meat as a filling for a salad, or add some vegetables to the soup to balance out the meat.11.

Beef Soup This classic stew recipe includes pork, carrots, celery, onions or a dollow of sauce.

You’d usually use a little of the soup as a topping.

It should be served over rice or with some sort of vegetables, rice, or noodles.12.

Sautéed Chicken This classic Chinese-American dish is one that many Americans use for Chinese food, especially soups and stews.

You’ll probably want to sautée the chicken in a little more of the broth than usual.

If the chicken isn’t already very tender, add some extra broth to give it some extra flavor.

You may want to cook some of the cooked chicken to a nice medium-rare, or even higher, temperature to get the best flavor and texture.13.

Lamb Bistro This is the classic German lamb bistro.

It serves meatballs, hamburgers, and pork sausages.14.

Salsa Bistros This is another classic German-American restaurant classic, where it uses pork sautes for some of its signature dishes like hamburgies, chicken nuggets, and meatballs.15.

Pork Bistrot This is a dish that most Americans have been making at home for years.

It usually includes pork sauces, meatballs and a sprinkle of the rice, which is usually made with rice, potatoes, or cornmeal.

The rice is usually seasoned with sugar and/or lemon juice, and some vegetables or herbs.16. Steak &