Eggs are on the menu, but only if you can get the bacon, ham and sausage to cook in them.

That’s right, eggs are cooked in bacon and sausage.

This recipe is so easy that you can make it with just a handful of ingredients.

The bacon and ham can be any kind of bacon or sausage, and you can use any kind you like, but I used a special bacon from the local butcher shop.

I love bacon and it has the perfect flavor for this recipe.

Just a little bit of butter, a little salt and pepper, and a little extra bacon grease helps this bacon recipe come together.

To prepare the sausage, simply mash it up in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

Then add the ground pork and salt and cook until cooked through.

Then, take your pan off the heat and add a little more butter, pepper, some salt, and pepper and a few spoonfuls of flour.

Then stir it in with a fork until the sausage is completely coated in the flour mixture.

Next, add the egg white, salt, pepper and some pepper.

You can do this by hand, but the eggs are best cooked in the microwave.

You should have about a half dozen eggs in each of your pans.

After they have cooked through, they are ready to be placed in the oven.

Once the eggs have cooled down, you will need to add the sausage and a drizzle of hot sauce, like Worcestershire sauce.

Next you will want to add some bread to the bottom of the pan to create a crust for the sausage.

You will also want to use a bread crumb that has been soaked in butter to form a crust.

Now it’s time to prepare the eggs.

If you want, you can also fry the eggs in a skillet or on a griddle to get them nice and crispy.

To make the sausage mixture, just heat up some bacon grease and add it to the mixture.

Add a couple spoonfulfuls or more of flour, stir, and cook the sausage until it’s nice and golden brown.

Then transfer it to a plate and add the sliced bread and egg mixture to the sausage in the center.

Then use a fork to carefully place the sausage on top of the bread.

Bake the sausage for about 30 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Recipe Notes The next time I make these egg rolls, I will be adding a few extra ingredients to the recipe, including extra bacon, onions, mushrooms and garlic.

You could always substitute your favorite meatballs instead of the bacon and pork. Enjoy!