AUSTRALIA’S biggest business, Australian Food and Commercial Workers Union (AFWU), has called on the federal government to intervene and allow the public to vote for its members on November 7.

In a joint statement released on Friday, AFWU President Tim Pallas and the union’s national secretary, Michelle Fogg, called on Federal Government ministers to allow members of the public in Queensland and Victoria to cast their ballots for the union, and to put in place safeguards to ensure that voters can be sure that their vote is not manipulated.

The union is calling for a national ballot to be held on November 9.

It said the “legislative, administrative and legal processes currently in place need to be overhauled to ensure people in Queensland can exercise their right to vote in their local community.”

This is an important issue and I am deeply concerned about the outcome of the federal election,” Ms Fogg said.”

I believe the outcome is in doubt, as a number of important aspects of the election process are in question.

“A vote for the ABC and the Australian Workers Party in Queensland on November 6 could result in the loss of jobs, and that could be devastating for Queensland’s economy.”

The union’s members are due to vote on whether they want to continue their contract with the ABC, which expired in April 2020.

The ABC has also said it will no longer be able to operate from its current location in Cairns, despite having its national television network licence renewed in September.AUSTRALIAN NEWS: Read our election coverage.

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article AUSTRIA’s biggest business is calling on the Federal Government to intervene in the federal elections, arguing that the public should be able vote for their union on November 8.

The AFRWU has written to Federal Minister for the Cabinet, Senator Stephen Conroy, calling on him to give “sufficient clarity” on how the union is eligible to vote.

“The union represents the vast majority of people who work in Australia’s manufacturing and service sectors, and it represents the interests of more than 4.3 million people across Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia,” the union said in a statement.

“Its members work alongside their employers to provide high quality and affordable services to the Australian community.”

The AFTU has been campaigning to get its members back in work after the closure of its manufacturing operations in Queensland in December 2020.

The closure of the plant in Crowsnestle was the first time it had been moved out of its old premises since the 1950s.

AFRWUPE calls for ‘full equality’ after Crowslowes closureRead moreThe union has previously called for a “full equality” for women and for an “equal opportunity” for all people.

The new campaign group, Women in Manufacturing, is also calling for more funding for the AFTUs industrial policy arm and for better support for the local manufacturing sector.

“We want to be fully engaged in the Labor Party,” Ms Pallas said.

“We want more jobs, more investment and a more inclusive, fair and inclusive future for our industry.”