French bread makers are known for their ability to produce high quality products, and Neil Breen of Soda Bread is no exception.

His company is best known for the Neutrogena brand of breads, which can be used in many foods.

Neutrogenesis, a Danish-based company, makes its own bread, and is considered a pioneer in the industry.

Breen’s Neutrogenesis breads are also a popular ingredient in many other foods, such as breads made with white bread, white rice, and rice cakes.

But in a recent interview with The Times, Breen said the breads were not the best in terms of taste and texture, and that they did not offer enough protein.

“It’s the protein level that matters,” Breen told the paper.

“They’re good, but they’re not great.

It depends on the food, the type of bread, how much you eat.”

He added that there were some products, such the Neuten Bakery’s and the Bakery de France’s, that were better.

“I like Neutros, I like Bakery De France, and I love Bakery Français,” he said.

“But I’m not going to make a product that’s going to be better than other products.”

Breen, who also co-founded Bolognese, a family-owned pasta company, said his breads did not compare with other manufacturers.

“We are not the top dog in the field,” he told the Times.

“The bread makers who are making the best breads in the world, they’re all different and they’re making different breads,” he added.

“And if you’re a bread maker and you make a good bread, that’s your strength.”

However, he said that the best of his bread was the NeuNgros product, which he said could be compared to a piece of Kraft cheese.

“That’s my bread,” he explained.

“The bread that I like best is the Neuvron, and if you make it well, it’s a good product.”