Friendship Bread is one of the brands that will be leaving the marketplace in 2019.

The popular bread brand had already announced that it would be retiring its brand in 2018 and that the brand was going to sell its business to the brand-new Better Food Group, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The brand’s owner, Joe Romm, has a history of leaving his brands behind for the betterment of the consumer.

In 2018, he closed a major retailer, Whole Foods, and in 2020, he left his business to open a new chain of restaurants called Whole Foods Fresh.

However, after his brand’s departure, Romm had to make a difficult decision.

He said he could either go with Better Food and be one of its owners, or leave his brand and be a part of a brand that was no longer being used.

Instead, he decided to close his store, and now he’s leaving the brand behind.

A spokesperson for Romm told the WSJ that he is now a member of Better Food, and that he will continue to serve customers.

As for the future of the brand, Rhem said he’s looking forward to building a better future for the brand and for the customers of the store.

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