LONDON — The classic British breakfast sandwich is becoming a little less bland, with many British people saying the bread should be made with fried bread instead.

In the U.K., where bread is usually made with wholemeal flour and not with wheat flour, some are calling for a change to the way the bread is made.

The breads are called fried breads, which are typically made from wheat flour.

There’s no evidence that the bread has to be made of wholemeal, and there’s no reason why the flour should not be used in breadmaking.

“People are going back to the bread and butter, and bread and pastry,” said Chris Smith, a spokesman for the British Association of Food and Drink Professionals.

Smith said he believed there was a misconception about the origins of bread and that people should look at the ingredient list for a better idea of what bread and breads really are.

“There’s no scientific evidence that it’s wheat flour that makes bread, or bread made from a bread product, or anything like that,” he said.

In England, the country’s oldest bread-making tradition, people are also making a comeback.

Smith estimated that about half of the bread in the U:S.

is made with wheat.

“The whole thing is getting a little bit trendy in the past year, especially in the United States, because there’s a lot of interest in bread, and people are saying, ‘I’m making bread from scratch,’ ” Smith said.

The British Association for Food and Wine Professionals has also set out a “bread and butter” list of ingredients for breads and pastries that can be used.

“These are just some of the basic ingredients that can go into breads or pastries,” Smith said, “which you could get from the grocery store.”

There are some notable exceptions to the trend: a few people are making bread using flour from other parts of the world.

In 2011, a restaurant in the Dutch city of Utrecht was the first to use flour from Australia.

A bakery in Australia recently used Australian flour.

A British man in the mid-1990s was the last person to make bread with a mixture of Australian and British flour.

That’s why Smith thinks it’s important for people to look at all of the ingredients in a bread recipe.

“I think people are just not really getting the basic fundamentals of what a bread is supposed to be, and they’re missing a lot,” Smith added.

“So that’s why we’re saying that it is absolutely critical that you make a bread and a pastry, because those are the breads that are really going to have a lasting impact on the people who are making them.”

The bread is also a source of protein.

There are plenty of examples in Britain of people making bread with meat, including people who have never eaten a steak.

The U.S. uses whole grain bread, with whole-grain flour.

And it’s not uncommon to see people cooking their own bread with spices.

But Smith said it’s very important to think about the ingredient’s nutritional value.

“You’re looking at protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.

These are the nutrients that you want to be getting from your bread,” he added.